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yeah, out of all the things “not made for them” you are going to get mad about shoes?? they’re just shoes and i guarantee no one is going to care other than the parent who is making such a big deal about it. it’s really sad. 

It’s such a minor thing, and the reason there is backlash is because it takes one negative opinion to be manipulated into this idea. Kids these day don’t really care about stuff like that??? Let kids be kids, what colour or styles they where does not affect anything at all. But they’re dismissed because they’re kids, but a lot of people who have had gender dysphoria or are trans have known since they were kids. And yet people don’t seem to wanna listen to what they’re kids have to say.

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Friendly reminder that anyone born between 1985-1998 didn’t get their hogwarts letter because Voldemort’s ministry wiped out the record of muggleborns


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gender marketing and forced gender roles srsly fucks kids up and i hope one day everyone realizes this and just lets them do whatever feels right to the kid, you know? (๑◕︵◕๑) 

I just feel so bad for the kids when their parents act like wearing shoes “not for them” is the ultimate crime and they yell at their kids likes “NO YOU CAN’T HAVE THAT IT’S FOR GIRLS.” and vice versa. It’s so fucked up.

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It’s kinda heartbreaking when kids clearly don’t want the shoes the parents want them to get. The shoes at work are very gendered, with only a few ‘neutral’ options. I, and the company, will happily let boys wear ‘girl’ shoes and girls wear ‘boy’ shoes. But seeing parents so against it and kids so upset is just so sad.

I served a little girl today and she hated all things girly, but her mum refused to let her wear boy shoes and the poor kid broke down in tears because she was forced to wear these super girly shoes. 

Seeing some parents just so against letting their kids wear something is awful. They’re just shoes, and I hope for the day when parents don’t roll their eyes at their child getting something “not made for them” (as said by a customer).


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